- interactive installation, presented in 2 phases, over 3 weeks -



During the opening of the exhibition, the "cabin" hosted a performance, named "WHERE CAN I GET MY COCK SUCKED?", conceived by Marc PIERRARD and performed by the belgian artist Russel B.


The project featured different sound and video installations, an optical theater, along more classical sculptural / painting elements.

front view POLLUTING
Missing star ... ? (Marc PIERRARD)
installation view
Back / left side of POLLUTING PARADISE
EINGANG (entrance)
The entrance to the walkable installation. This piece is dedicated to the memory of Mike KELLEY.
A 3 screen / 2 channel video installation, where sound has its importance.
Still from the video.
If you dance...
Optical theatre.
part of "Die vergoldete Mitte"
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