"RECTO/VERSO" (2013) 


- interactive installation, presented in 4 phases, over 5 weeks -


During the opening of the exhibition, the "church" hosted a partly hidden performance, named "LA VERITE S'EXCUSE...", conceived by Marc PIERRARD and performed by the belgian artist Russel B. (details HERE)


The work kept growing / changing over the duration of the exhibition. Each week, new elements or small details were added (revealing 4 different stages). The project featured different sound and video installations, a light-installation, an optical theater, along more classical sculptural / painting elements.

"RECTO/VERSO" (610x368x368cm) frontview of the installation in the castle of LAROCHETTE

Visitors were able to see the performance by the belgian artist Russell B through a small opening in the lower third.

right side view of the installation

the back of the installation (phase 4)

Video installation combining live images from the "tower" and...

... prepared video-footage for the performance.

remains of the performance "La vérité s'excuse..."

"I.P.R.D. ? (to B.P.)" wood, LED lights (120x150cm) 2013